Paul Youngman to deliver keynote address at the NanoSURE symposium at UNC Charlotte

Paul Youngman will be delivering the keynote address at the NanoSURE symposium on the campus of UNC Charlotte in the College of Health and Human Services room 155 on Friday July 30, 2010 at 11:45. NanoSURE is an NSF funded program that provides undergraduates with nanoscale science research experience related to: 1) the study of the structure and properties of various nanomaterials and nanostructures; 2) the synthesis of inorganic and organic nanomaterial building blocks; 3) the creation of nanoparticle loaded biomaterials and preparation of nanobiomaterials; 4) nanoparticle toxicity; 5) the study of optical trapping and nanodroplets; and 6) micro/nano robot research. Professor Youngman’s talk, entitled “Nanohumanities,” will show the necessity of bringing humanistic research methods and scientific methods into alignment to allow for truly broad-based, interdisciplinary research. In this increasingly collaborative age, the frontiers of knowledge are located in the spaces and eventual connections between aspects of the real that are studied in the different disciplines. “Nanohumanities” explores those spaces and begins to make those connections.

Start Date: 
Friday, July 30, 2010 - 10:05
College of Health and Human Services room 155